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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cool dress perfect ride

Cool dress perfect ride
The temperature is gradually rising , hot Midsummer arrival . The face of a sudden jump in temperature , the cool dresses become the best choice for many people , skirt kind and generous, considerate and comfortable feeling deeply rooted , I admit that I personally like the advocating simplicity , especially for this year especially popular kind of chiffon or silk dress special favorite , here to talk about my own dress different insights to share with you . Something I like fashion , and learned from fashion magazines and more popular in the summer , bohemian style and printing group , both of which are very retro style , at the same time , yet stylish , this type are chiffon or silk fabrics , tailoring , fabric feel fresh , especially easy breathable become fashionable women pursue fashion fabric . I feel to wear chiffon silk dress can bring unparalleled wonderful , full of romantic flavor . Zhen Yi charming and elegance, while adding to the joy and the beauty of the blooming dress simple and generous woman added to offer all kinds of hundred pro- amorous feelings . Because of this cool dress simple take the United States to become the most popular summer wear law . I understand , a common style straight body dress , A word dress , halter dress , dress dress , princess dress , etc. . Straight body dress : it was straight up and down pouch , also known as the bag skirt . Loose skirt body neckline and skirt Shoulong . A word dress : it down the side seam bust Expand placed end to skirt shape like A word may thus named it ! ( Personal view) halter dress : back bare to the waist , in various forms . The dress the Dress : also known as evening dress skirt . It generally is the shoulder ,Mini UGG Bailey Button, lower collar design , large skirt , long skirt and ankle . I generally common in luxurious satin , velvet tailoring . Princess Dress: princess dress upper body fit , hem slightly broadening was the first-line longitudinal cutting, composed of six skirt pieces , from shoulder to hem . Advocating freedom of our personality, temperament show our nature ! A style of dress, not only make you look stylish out , good design will let your legs look perfect , oh !

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