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Saturday, November 10, 2012

the wave point control green

Roses , bright day
I pass through , uh , to the Qing Dynasty courtyard - point chick in mind . My microblogging @ behaved vv is someone says , laughing eyes really do not , after eyes wide open at the beginning of laugh . Windy own driving skills really need skilled , and finally reached a person under the supervision of destination . MICE surrounding suburbs fairly ok, do not let me go far road Oh not afford to hurt ! ! Like ancient buildings , like the green brick station , through the drama has seen a lot , and really want to pass through to the Qing Dynasty , wearing ancient cheongsam . The green skirt protagonist , this year looks like a very popular green . Like the chest logo , and skirt design , the pendulum hanging tassels is very dynamic , very comfortable to wear cotton material , into a favorite to green . . . . . The roadside flowers crazy , the petals fall all over the floor , good like this Fenfen to flowers is the rose ? Polka Dot bohemian dress, the wave point control green , this chiffon dress to wear body very cool , very suitable for the summer under the skirt lined with impervious , in summer it's very safe . In places like the design a little sexy strapless embellishment ,ugg 3352, sweet sexy, wearing a skirt to go to the seaside resort , go to the flowers to a red ocean from summer to fall . Poems efforts Han family into two street couple T-shirt to someone into a reward big hero , later invited me to a lot of fancy meal wow , ha ha ha good fabric , how to wash will not deformation , wearing really uncomfortable , remember to microblogging find me @ behaved VV

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