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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What is courage

Is crying for you love me , or leave you crying .....What is courage? Is crying for you love me, or leave you crying .....
What is courage? Cried and I want you to love me, or crying let you leave ..... If you do not love a person, please let go, to let others have the opportunity to love her. If the person you love to give you, release yourself, so that they have the opportunity to love others. Some things you will not belong to you, you take back some things are destined to give, there are many kinds of love in life, do not let love become an injury,Mini UGG Bailey Button. Some fate is doomed to lose, some fate is never no results, love a person does not necessarily have to have, and must have a good love. Man cry, because he really loved; woman cry, because she really give up. If faith is an injury, I chose to lie; if a lie is an injury, I choose silence; If silence is an injury, I chose to leave. If you lose is hard, you afraid to pay if the confusion is bitter, you will not end if the pursuit is bitter, you will come to their senses if the separation is hard, you talk to who a lot of things are later look, a lot of things at that time do not feel bitter, however could not find the way to. There is a love that, even love, but can not tell there is a love, obviously want to give up, but can not give up, there is a love, which is clearly suffering, yet? Not open there is a love, knowing that no way the heart has long been retrieved. Lot of people do not need good-bye, because just passing through. Forgetting that we give each other the best mark. What is courage? Crying for you love me, or crying let you leave. The man's self-confidence comes from a woman on his worship, is proud of the woman from a man's admiration for her. Never cultivated man you love, he cultivated good results only two: he gave up to look down on you or he gives stole. The way of the pursuit of a person does not need to be too smart, but leave the tactics to be smart! Maybe love is just because of loneliness, need to find someone to love, even in the absence of any outcome. I do not know a person's life can have many decades to another person. Love can be an instant thing, is a lifetime thing. Everyone can fall in love with different people at different times. Not who left who will not live forgotten Let us stronger. Who all, seemingly inadvertently, it is painstakingly built. Feelings is to understand it is a kind of happiness, waiting to understand a lonely!

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