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Monday, November 12, 2012

and while you may have turned up your nose at a jar of Vegemite when you were living at home

Care Packages From Home: Ways to Show You Miss Them
If you've got a friend or loved one living overseas, it can be hard not having them in your life every day. It's harder still for your loved one, who is most likely a long way from the comforts of home and missing the daily contact with all the people and places that are familiar to them. One of the ways you can help ease a loved one's homesickness is to send a gift basket or package filled with comforting goodies that remind them of the warmth of home. Here are three gift ideas to send to a friend abroad and let them know that you're thinking of them and missing their face.Photos or ScrapbooksVisual memorabilia such as scrapbooks or photos are an excellent way to show you're thinking of someone. Pull out some photos of meaningful, silly or fun times you've had together and put them together on a collage or in a scrapbook. You can decorate the book yourself and write quotes, memories, advice--anything you want to let your loved one know that while they're gone, they're not forgotten.Patriotic ParaphernaliaWhen you're away from home you suddenly feel so much more patriotic than you ever did when you were in your own country. It's a strange phenomenon and is surely responsible for the fact that whenever a crowd of more than two Australians get together overseas the inevitable cry of "Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi!" will be heard. A great gift, therefore, for an expat living abroad is some clothing or a flag in Aussie colours. A Wallabies, Socceroos or Kangaroos jersey, an Aussie flag or really anything in green and gold will have them humming 'Waltzing Matilda' and thinking of home.Food Basket A gourmet food basket or just a package of food that reminds them of home is the quickest way to your far-away friend's heart, let me assure you. Food has the ability to evoke powerful memories and nostalgia, and while you may have turned up your nose at a jar of Vegemite when you were living at home, the moment you're away and those familiar items are inaccessible you begin to dream of them again! Sending food can be a bit tricky depending on the type of food and the customs regulations of the country you're sending to, but as soon as you've cleared what you want to send (and made sure it's non-perishable, don't even get me started on the great custard debacle of 1999,ugg boots uk, when I tried to send my brother my favourite recipe across the ocean...) your friend or loved one will be delighted to get a (literal) taste of home.
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