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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Three village officials claiming to work hard to fraudulently obtain state compensation of 350,000 y

Three village officials claiming to work hard to fraudulently obtain state compensation of 350,000 yuan.
In the 1 club president Zoumou provided land acquisition on the list, the village party secretary Wang was signed The face of information asymmetry between the villagers and the village cadres, the status quo, Wutai Xuan said: audit and supervision department can do, then the similar corruption may advance exposure, the losses suffered by the state will be reduced. cousin, you look so hard we work in order to park cleanup appendages more inventory, get some funds out. , a small amount of At that time, the Fuling District documents, vines compensation should be compensated in accordance with the strains tree. To the site viewed of the Li Duguo soil Branch staff said, impossible to determine specific compensation a one to count, so Wang report mentioned the vineyard area of ​​70 acres, to determine the number of vines and land facilities appendages. Later, Li Duguo soil Fuling District Branch decided to let the village have not previously registered to recount appendages. According to the prosecution allegations, from January 2008 to May 2010, Wang Sungai village party branch secretary of the Committee involved in the 7 Chi of crime involved in the amount of 300,879.10 yuan spoils 240,111.10 yuan; Sungai village club president Chen involved in committing the crime 3 Chi participation in the amount of 111,673 yuan, spoils 81,673 yuan; the club president Sungai village Zoumou participate in 1 Chi of crime in the amount of 60,088 yuan, spoils 30,044 yuan,Mini UGG Bailey Button. Public affairs of the village to avoid nobody knows for sure did you get 60,000 Daily In fact, how to defraud state compensation, Chen has long been the In June 2008, Chen responsible for cleaning up the attachments to the land of Chongqing the Fuling District lidu New Area Sungai Village community, The compensation of 25,289 yuan. Our reporter Xu Wei last, the Fuling District Land Bureau lidu Industrial Park Branch 2008 Year 5 Total compensation to more than 1.13 million yuan Wang national land compensation, including the vineyards seedlings compensation of 620,000 yuan. This newspaper intern Li Chunguang receive subsidies signature, Wu Taixuan that the management of national compensation paid department has a certain sense of responsibility, careful review of the relevant forms, national compensation recipients will find problems, thereby preventing and the Wang village cadres prevention of defrauding behavior. It is understood that The vineyards originally Jinke Group plans to building in Sungai Village, The village was contracted out in the vineyards, 20 million received by the village party secretary Wang did not give collective penny. It is understood that from the beginning of this year, the Supreme People's Procuratorate will be a period of two years investigating and preventing corruption in the field of agriculture-related Huimin bribery and other crimes special work. In recent years, with the central and local governments at all levels continue to attach importance to the efforts to support the However, some state workers and rural In October 2009, the Sungai village community land acquisition, the construction of industrial parks, did not get part of the land appendages compensation, the presence of the members were on the ground to make trouble are not allowed to construction. Microblogging Recommended | today's hot microblogging inflated grapes nearly 20 acres of perfecting the system for greed deterred June 3, 2011, Wang and Chen execution of arrest on suspicion of corruption and crime, Zoumou on suspicion of corruption and crime in 2012 Jan. 14 execution of arrest. After the verification by the the Fuling District lidu neighborhood offices Sungai villagers Committee, the village simply do not have the status of eight, the status of weeks, swim toward Wing 46, 46 graves of relatives buried in the village. Often rural cadres and ordinary people dealing corruption, its adverse effects are no worse than arch corrupt official corruption amount, though small, has lost grassroots trust newspaper Chongqing, March 1 village official cheat to obtain compensation 130,000 addition Wang and the Sungai village club president Zoumou,, in February 2009, is responsible for cleanup Chongqing the Fuling District lidu New Area Sungai village community land acquisition appendages false citrus trees, on behalf of seven members, 518 , thus defrauding the State land compensation 60,088 yuan. New Area lidu Sungai village community by Fuling a total of 53.8 acres of crops, to defraud state relief compensation of 25,660 yuan. ■ Meditations seen Chen falsifying the data, Wang immediately signed. Since then, the two travel to Li Duguo soil Branch to sign the agreement to get the money, and the day was picking up 78,568 yuan cash checks. In addition to the actual members of the compensation paid 17,844 yuan for two false cash 60,724 yuan, of which, Chen 30,724 yuan, Wang 30,000 yuan. Fuling District Court judge in the three village officials took advantage of his position, making a false report all kinds of names to fraudulently obtain state compensation disclosure to the In the early stage of land acquisition and resettlement in the number of issues on the vine, Wang is not a compensation agreement reached with the the Fuling District lidu Industrial Park Land Branch. In the end of 2007, the Fuling the District lidu New Area Administrative Committee at the social affairs and Wang again negotiate compensation matters, to the local Land Branch issued the letter of paperwork. To defraud state land requisition compensation and national disaster compensation, Chongqing the Fuling District lidu New Area Sungai three village cadres in land acquisition and relocation, multiple false graves, the number of trees and land area, less than three years as corruption. 350,000 yuan. Zoumou son mentioned in the testimony, and land acquisition projects, and a diameter of 13 cm 117 citrus trees do not exist, did not receive compensation. In 2007, the Fuling District of Chongqing to start building paint factory covers an area of ​​approximately 195 acres of Sungai village branch secretary Wang contracted vineyards just within the range of the demolition. Village cadres corruption crime prevention, not only to strengthen the legal education of the village cadres and a lot of effort to improve the political quality of the village cadres, more effort is needed in the system improvement. Supervision system, censorship, auditing system very well, Wang and others, even if there is a strong greed, but in the face of a tight system, but also impossible to start. Chen argued in court during the trial, he had valuable two million trees in the 2008 demolition process has not been compensated, and these should corruption amount deducted. Recently, Chongqing Fuling District People's Court sentenced the defendant Wang to 12 years in prison, accused Chen 10 years in prison, five years the defendant Zoumou in prison, and ordered the three defendants to the proceeds of corruption stolen money refunded give the Fuling District Land Bureau lidu Industrial Park Branch. January 2008, Wang the Fuling District lidu Industrial Park Land Branch provides a report, saying that the demolition of the vineyard area of ​​70 acres invested a total of 1.38 million yuan, including wineries, including self-inductance of hard work for the park. In fact, Wang's area of ​​only 50 acres of vineyards. As village cadres, Wang engaged in assisting land department appendage of the clean-up, registration and reporting process, often the name of the village community land acquisition and compensation agreement signed, and responsible for the collection and payment of compensation. This way, Wang requisition process responsible for cleaning up the statistics of its contracted vineyards, took advantage of his position, inflated nearly 20 acres of grape land, cheated by national land compensation 13 million. Chen recalled that when he wanted to get some to get some overstatement of the number of appendages, they discuss and Wang. Thus, the two members are the basis of self-declaration, they inflated the 31 graves, 26 m3 Baokan and 386 economic trees.

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