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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

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Don't Call it a Comeback: Fashion!
Plus Size Fashion for the Young (and young at heart)For as long as I can remember, clothes shopping has always been a dreaded task. I was apart of the unlucky group of gals that was both plus-size AND young. Always dressed much older then I was, never in the same fashion league as my peers. Sure every once in the while I might come across a piece that wasn't so lame, but not as often as I would've wished. But as I have gotten older, and have gained access to more resources, I have come across a few places that put the "fashion" in Plus-size Fashionistas.The first specialty store I ever came across was while I was visiting my father in Bowie, MD. He was dragging me around a new shopping center and left me to my own devices while he walked into an electronics store. Walking around, I discovered three intials that would change my life for the better... DEB. Deb was my gateway store, since that chance encounter I have made it my mission to not only find more stores like it, but share with all my fellow clothes soldiers looking for some relief. So here are a few I know and love.1. Deb (the originator) Deb is a shop that caters to junior style clothing. It is spilt between normal junior and junior plus (for us). The junior plus is sized from 14 to 24 and 1X to 3X. Their prices tend to run a bit lower then the usual expensive clothes they sell to us. Some highlights: they also sell accesories and shoes, they have fashionable bathing suits 3 3 3, they even sell school uniform pieces.Stores are located in in every state but AL, HI, FL, LA, MS, AK, NV. Website: debshops 2. Torrid (the obsession)Torrid is actually the brain child of Hot Topic, Inc. It was formed when they were constantly getting requests for their apparel in bigger sizes. So, the people pleasers that they are,ugg 3352, they went one step above that and created a whole store chain. Torrid makes it their business to stay ahead of the fashion curve and are an exclusive plus-size shop. Besides having an "Edge" section and a few parrallel items, this store is majorly different from its parent company. The clothes are sized from 12-24 and 0-4 (although they just recently added size 5 to select clothes). They sell everything from hoodies to belts, shoes to perfume, and hats to prom dresses. Another great thing about Torrid is that even their accesories and shoes are a wider size (heels go up to a size 12). Stores are located in every state but AL, AK, DE, HI, KS, ME, MT, ND, OK, RI, SC, VT, WV, WY, DC. Website: torrid3. Lane Bryant (the classy joint)4. Ashley Stewart (the urban spot)5. b lu (the online shop)6. Old Navy (the secret keeper)It know seems like other more popular stores are hopping aboard the Plus Size train. Two very popular stores Old Navy (oldnavy) and Wet Seal (wetseal) have add a variety of plus size outfits and intimates to their roster. But there is a catch... you can only purchase these items online. But with great pieces and great prices, there is nothing wrong with capitalizing on their shame (jk stores).7. Alloy (cover girl) Others: Fashion Bug Plus (fashionbug), Rainbow (rainbowshops), OneStopPlus (onestopplus)

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