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Friday, November 16, 2012

and Manon

Where Is the Nearest Store in Your Area which Sells Quality Prom Dresses?
Joined: Apr 19, 2012 98 articles Any teenage girl preparing for the senior prom will be solely focused on two things: where is the nearest store which sells quality prom dresses and which stretch limo they will be arriving in at the venue. Over the past thirty years or so the end-of-year senior prom has become an increasingly essential element of the rites of passage of teenagers in the UK.While back in the ‘50s in the US, teenagers were wearing prom dresses and the guys were wearing smart tuxedos, in the UK it simply wasn’t a done thing. With the rise of American popular culture (for better or worse) in the period between 1950 and 1970 or thereabouts, however, proms in the UK have steadily risen in prominence.It wasn’t until the early ‘80s with rise of the ‘Me Generation’ and the glitz of the decade, that more emphasis and peer pressure was brought to bear on those attending the end-of-year prom ball. Dresses became more exotic, the clothes the boys wore became progressively more smart and formal, and of course the way in which they would arrive changed, too. It is now not uncommon to see groups of youngsters arriving in stretch limos or radical autos — such is the clamour to be a little different than the next.There are hundreds of stores up and down the country which make and sell dresses and suits for teen boys and girls, as well as specialist car hire companies getting in on the act as well. What was once a very low-key affair is now the highlight for most school students at the end of their school time, and it’s now firmly entrenched in school life in the UK. Kids want a place to go to find the best selection of dresses and suits,Mini UGG Bailey Button; with over 1,000 designs from design houses such as Tiffany, Goya, and Manon, the bank of Mum and Dad had better be on standby with suitable bailout funds.It would appear that the tradition of proms and the crowning of a king and queen for the prom is firmly established in youth culture in the UK; so, the young lady making her appearance at the school prom and arriving in a limousine deserves the best prom dress money can buy.To ensure your arrival at the end-of-year senior prom is as regal as possible, and one which causes heads to turn, check out the website of Prom Dress for a wide selection of exquisite prom dresses. Looking back at the photos in years to come, you’ll wonder where the years have gone and where that young, beautiful girl went — and how she was able to fit into such a small dress!

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