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Thursday, November 8, 2012

capture the wisdom and energy to slow down listen to everything

DEER2012 spring and summer fashion showPoetic city S? DEER2012 spring and summer fashion show
REVIEW: In the evening of 31 October 2011, 798 Art District,Mini UGG Bailey Button, China International Fashion Week S Su EER / Liu Lili Spring 2012 fashion show, a grand opening, the arrival of many friends of the arts and cultural sector to make the site shine. The evening of 31 October 2011, the S Su EER / Liu Lili Spring 2012 grand opening, the arrival of many friends of the arts and cultural sector to make the site shine. Well-known film and television actor Hou Yong Tao Zeru; the official network spokesperson Hanyu Jia and many other film and television star, musician elegant attended the event site, demonstrating the intellectual temperament fit with the S Su EER brand style. Always pay attention to cultural expression S Su EER invited contemporary artists Xiaoyu, Yu Hong, Liu Fei, Liu Wei, Xu Yihui, high waves; curators Zhu Huiping; writer, poet Zhai Yongming, juju and other well-known reputation for scene; The more well-known, Liu Yang, Wu Xuekai, Wu Xuewei industry guests, people, fashion and cultural sector media editor, two hundred well-known media gathered at the conference site, S Su EER carefully to create space atmosphere, explore the city and proposition of poetic balanced life. Pure fashion language German poet Hölderlin a romantic philosopher's feelings expressed to us the true meaning of life: This theme of S Su the EER expectations in order to design language, the power of culture presents a rooted in the art of soil is not the trend of fashion ideas around. The conference continues to S Su EER iconic gray tone in color, from the T station design to the overall atmosphere contrast, all S-Su EER advocated low-key, simple, quiet fashion aesthetic concepts complement each other, lightweight soft gray light gray, texture, pure as arrived lingjing new life form naturally over ripple from shallow to deep. Based on the continuation of the use of natural materials such as cotton, linen, added creative feeling in lace flower-shaped layered yarn, as the model body to give birth to the flower, natural bloom, gives a sense of lightness of the spring and summer, yet a subtle rich detail. Draping and soft sculpture, emphasizing the overall sense and smooth lines. The irregular design techniques, generally ethereal, transparent the transparent layer Chi dream. The harmony of the whole, S Su the EER pure state of mind; vivid detail, precisely the performance of the S Su EER organic urban vitality and poetic balance space to express the construction of the city, became her master, still disperse not open unfamiliar sense. We get the standard sense of achievement, and now they lost of which ...... amble Guizhen, awakening and newborn, S Su EER want people who are in the city without its shackles, yearned for the natural, capture the wisdom and energy to slow down listen to everything, deep from the heart, germinal most beautiful flowers. In addition to the conference overall space continues tough concise brand, more creative set in the audience around the concept bushes artistic device, cotton and linen for the material, giving a warm and close to the natural sense, vaguely revealing the light source so that When the lights turn dark, the music gradually from the four light sources paved the U-shaped T stage Model slowly from guests exposure to the S Su EER2012 spring and summer concept fashion, enjoy the light and soft leisurely earnings drag of art. After the end, The the noble humanistic spirit advocates and communicators 17 years of brand development process, S Su EER always insist on doing the suppliers of the product and more to do disseminator of culture. S Su the EER corporate founder Mr. Cai Gonghe S Su EER product design, brand image pioneer, is a practicing artist and entrepreneur. On keen perception and appreciation, began to establish a design studio in 1994, the brand begun to take shape at the same time, establish a brand ideal of S Su EER - adhering to the medium of fashion, elegant and restrained approach to art throughout the design sought creative thinking, passed to a new culture in society. 2000, the first Chinese Top Ten Miss Liu Lili joined S Su EER, long in the background of the the Paris exchange of learning, so that she has a unique perspective on fashion design and forward thinking, and S Su EER on the basis of the gray tone aesthetic style into a vivid and exquisite detail design. Miss Liu Lili has so far concentrated design in S Su EER 10 years old, and she is also independent designer of the few examples of successful cooperation with enterprises, and at the same time adhere to the brand keynote of her unique personal style perfectly integrated into to Art Brand guide consumers abundance of the spiritual world. The conference as part of the show works will also be launched in the spring and summer of 2012 in the S Su EER brand store. Let this moment on, the perception of her quality and style, the sentiment of its bearer the culture and the human spirit. Future, S Su EER painstaking accumulation, focused only on the quality of internationalization.

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