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Sunday, November 4, 2012

but look for a IMART creative market in Oh

[Summer Street ride] youth small note の minimalist style in Europe and the United States, Fun brilliant backdrop to
Much of the sun, sticky air ~ people become careless lazy lazy, not to mention the super-small dwelling woman K (~ 3 to say nothing to beat me!) But enthusiasm than the sun hot girlfriends acridine ~ swollen it also did not miss this wonderful weekend! Sun cunning of it dating to the mall to long without 外拍 of (* ^ __ ^ *) to bring a wide-brimmed hat is also drying less than I ~~ O (∩ _ ∩) O ha ha ~ never exception H & M will be visiting every time a pity that day too many people on the way to look, to the two of us quickly escaped in the jewelry district play two! Fled there to go? ! Next door is the most familiar to the king we guessed, this is what store it? ! (* ^ __ ^ *) Hee hee ...... GZ sister should be very familiar with K2 to the audience 5 fold Oh Little K excitement of closing this shiny envelope bag of mixed colors and today I dress all quite with it? ! ! ! To say really, my two I really did not come shopping to just come to a place of such a good summer,Mini UGG Bailey Button, cool air conditioning blowing very pleasantly surprised to find: swollen so much to so many lovely backdrop to the Well, let Fun camera, leaving a happy moment! PS introduced above sister cool summer dress! ! ! Loose chiffon sleeveless shirt & refreshing little shorts & printing of England shoes (traditional tube socks) & the lake blue flannel package go entirely slightly England College Wind ~ Lake good color bright blue flannel package best suited Mensao summer day to let the entire body with shiny up Oh! Coupled with a European style big bracelets with again, with personality! Small K may go slightly Sven point British minimalist style cropped straight onepiece little white geometric patterns & bright orange red handbags & liver British style shoes skirt outer layer is the texture of the linen to wear relatively sultry the weather! So small K can only be a air-conditioned rooms in summer family the detail drawings summer love this bright lines the way to say to small K or slightly ornaments control favorite a prominent modeling large size jewelry to a new closing this imitation AlexanderWang shape prominent ornamental rings, but look for a IMART creative market in Oh! Green Huse belt with metal decorative high profile punk feel and orange bag with it! Do not know if you noticed ~ O (∩ _ ∩) O love of two large British style girl hit so unconsciously shoes to really have a tacit agreement to his small K special map on a grass green nail polish! Then reward a temptation Figure! Cute Tuzki full of + spend rabbits installed to that catch dead expression Barbara lure I acridine this dear friend is my cat Auntie thick to his son Daren Oh, but look at the folder, and so on, to be exact is a crazy fans, friends! This time swollen, can not play an active role some small K role to act as cheerleaders on the side, really more tension and stress acridine% _% that encounter this situation you will not be tears% _% also slogan / align] O (∩ _ ∩) O Ha! Kid you not to me? ! K mom take you to sit a deer car or do you want to travel around the space? ! Send you flew a rocket and Yau giggle monkey who play together ~ O (∩ _ ∩) O ha! The whole process found this small P child is the most on the mirror ~ ╭ (╯ ^ ╰) ╮ thousands of pet in an acridine decoration cute and chic shops nor less under it to even look at the mood suddenly see the light, oh! Two chick on the small cute they love to buy the piecemeal cute DD loving to everyone will not collect these habits? ! Small K recently but fell in love with the postcard collection of retro Street, according to the oh last week on business also sent some to a friend who everyone was so fun to watch! (* ^ __ ^ *) Hee hee ...... hope everyone likes like Funny wage earners is our love does not know who can send only the pink chicken to small K as a birthday gift? ! :-D a few pictures of our fast-paced world are using the camera's pinhole effects according Oh is not unique film taste! ? Cat mother with K mom photography are B Aberdeen (name) immediately from their hands to that loaded B expression is not super want kneading him to us is the the Jiangzi the mood! Feet get tired chick who of course, what you eat our number plates to O (∩ _ ∩) O ha ha ~ pro guessed? ! Right! My favorite takoyaki ~ But this super chapter, but fish balls oh it than the general, but most of the sheets can not be poured down the mouth of a small K a destroy it to girlfriends also point to a Mingtai Luo octopus pill to look at him to see out! But really fresh and crunchy, super delicious food to cats and wind Bauhinia backdrop or feel the say ~ I think the crossing to like kagome If you can go to the era of the Inuyasha how! ~ (≧ ▽ ≦) / ~ embarrassed sisters began YY the last out of the gate, necessarily also found large Miffy ~ Dear, B earners Your swollen Seeing people color color it? ! The Miffy city the Heng and my mother and invasive slightly to love you! Had enough girlfriends Chit time course, cuisine accompanied must drop! Friendship of the time, I also want him to freeze to everyone is greedy to what? ! Summer ice cool drink ~ coupled with a comfortable sofa, a laid-back environment, about the Sanwuzhiji chat to talk to the Jiangzi the life Barbara freehand acridine heat of the summer suddenly cool! Eternal time, I want the camera store ~ ​​Dear sister, sister will always love you! PS: O (∩ _ ∩) O Thank JMS patience to read a small K's nonsensical the chapter continued prose, hope this makes irritability of the sun away from us, to keep happy no one day ~~ Happy! ! !

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