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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What is courage

Is crying for you love me , or leave you crying .....What is courage? Is crying for you love me, or leave you crying .....
What is courage? Cried and I want you to love me, or crying let you leave ..... If you do not love a person, please let go, to let others have the opportunity to love her. If the person you love to give you, release yourself, so that they have the opportunity to love others. Some things you will not belong to you, you take back some things are destined to give, there are many kinds of love in life, do not let love become an injury,Mini UGG Bailey Button. Some fate is doomed to lose, some fate is never no results, love a person does not necessarily have to have, and must have a good love. Man cry, because he really loved; woman cry, because she really give up. If faith is an injury, I chose to lie; if a lie is an injury, I choose silence; If silence is an injury, I chose to leave. If you lose is hard, you afraid to pay if the confusion is bitter, you will not end if the pursuit is bitter, you will come to their senses if the separation is hard, you talk to who a lot of things are later look, a lot of things at that time do not feel bitter, however could not find the way to. There is a love that, even love, but can not tell there is a love, obviously want to give up, but can not give up, there is a love, which is clearly suffering, yet? Not open there is a love, knowing that no way the heart has long been retrieved. Lot of people do not need good-bye, because just passing through. Forgetting that we give each other the best mark. What is courage? Crying for you love me, or crying let you leave. The man's self-confidence comes from a woman on his worship, is proud of the woman from a man's admiration for her. Never cultivated man you love, he cultivated good results only two: he gave up to look down on you or he gives stole. The way of the pursuit of a person does not need to be too smart, but leave the tactics to be smart! Maybe love is just because of loneliness, need to find someone to love, even in the absence of any outcome. I do not know a person's life can have many decades to another person. Love can be an instant thing, is a lifetime thing. Everyone can fall in love with different people at different times. Not who left who will not live forgotten Let us stronger. Who all, seemingly inadvertently, it is painstakingly built. Feelings is to understand it is a kind of happiness, waiting to understand a lonely!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Men's T-shirt with a more attractive

Men's T-shirt with a more attractive
Like jeans, T-shirts, men's wardrobe essential. But like many fashion article describes some T-shirt represents the timeless styling of the classic, and some are just short-season epidemic. Anyway, T-shirts and other products, with basically can be applied to any fashion occasion. Then these style slightly different types of T-shirts should be how to choose it? Below us one by one to tell you ... abstract pattern T-shirt T-shirt abstract patterns appear to make up the history of the T-shirt on a blank. This is now the southern tip of Africa, all the way popular to Europe's northernmost you with basically all dressed. Is a great contribution to the history of the T-shirt. Now more numerous T-shirt together many artists of the avant-garde art and into fashion them. Today, abstract pattern T-shirt, has become every fashion people must will choose a single product. You can match: exaggerated abstract T-shirt and gray denim or corduroy, khaki pants. Sports T-shirt with a slightly exaggerated, it is completely free casual summer evening activities loaded! love the support of the team! which a support is from your carefully chosen sport style T-shirt. The return of the movement have, so that the movement of equipment has gone deep into the various fields of fashion, you select Y-3 T-shirt or pulls out of the antique the team polo TEE with obvious movement style is definitely your closer relationship between colleagues, and even to express their position, to curry favor with the leadership of clever. You can match: skinny jeans and canvas version. poloT shirt once, poloT-shirt has been a golfer and dedicated athletes choose. After this, with the success of the RalphLauren and Lacoste brand, everything changed. People are increasingly aware of this style with classic and universal shape. Free basically everyone already has - or should have - the a poloT shirt. Whether you are what build, what style, polo is your good choice. Summer, you can choose bright stripes or squares, or even plain polo dress themselves. This the slightly playful sense of styling basically can be said without flaws, the 100 should hundred test. But pay attention to the systemic texture difference, whether shiny styling, matt England style, you must avoid through the body under a texture. Level with winning know-how is the fashion. You can mix: white pants or a small number of simple jewelry. Navy style T-shirt from the British European plate, to the American continent, the United States, nauticalT shirt success, in addition inseparable from its high functionality, there is this simple navy style design. Not only nautical JeanPaulGaultier, paulsmith, RalphLauren major brands have all launched Navy style T-shirt. Perhaps some of the fullness of the gentlemen worry about these horizontal stripes, your body will affect the visual, in fact, did not have to worry about. Who could resist horizontal stripes charm? Long as you wear confidence, style, I believe that the effect of this little figure, nothing to worry about. Tips: Obviously, this type of light-colored or black and white, or blue and white horizontal stripes Navy style T-shirt, wearing only suitable in the summer, so if you want to show your Navy feelings in the winter first not considered ... you can match: deep V-neck T-shirt In view of these T-shirts are usually white, so without wheels with white sports jacket or cotton shorts, denim texture, is a good decision! when v-collar increasingly out of fashion circles, you can use a deep v T-shirts to make their own memory of what once swept the fashion. , Deep v-collar contrarian popularity, more current fashionable young people who can not do without a choice! It is not only the better to show your masculine, more importantly, will show and T-shirt completely different natural trend of leisure concept. You need to pay attention to the deep v's depth is the need to draw the line good, but how to match is also very important. After all, you always want to be someone else say that is obscene or exhibitionism, right? With: leisure suit can make you look more spiritual; while with jeans,Mini UGG Bailey Button, casual style is a natural; You can even use it wear sweaters inside, so with a heavy autumn style. Henry T-shirt for The collar, chest cardigan Henry T-shirt simply miss on past times. For those parents or grandparents had spent the day of a reminiscence. Do not know since when, these elements have been eleven fashion designers break. Henry T-shirt is no longer the only match clothes to wear the shirt below. Henry T-shirt, high-profile piercing you will be the best proof you fashionistas identity. Even if you can wear clothing with a beautiful fit antique Henry T-shirt, obviously, that is the highest state of retro fashion you can match: denim or cotton pants in the cold season, you can also sets out to wear a shirt. Although Henry T-shirt from the UK, but it appears to create a this Veronika paragraph style, your favorite what? Take the T-shirts do you fashion material you may often wear T-shirts but can not remember serious research look at them. But our fundamental introduction of the T-shirt, but it can make you different from the first to understand T-shirt to bring you a different taste. Just imagine a white T-shirt can to sign JamesDean and SteveMcQueen style you about can guess T-shirt in the fashion circle. You only need given the cheap price, high-end comfort and complete freedom of design functionality and style of the T-shirt to dress up your wardrobe, a make you save money and stylish super shortcut Oh! is the complete understanding of all of your T-shirt.

Monday, October 29, 2012

The rich antique Parisian under aukoala snow boots even the red envelope package is bright

Rich antique Parisian under aukoala snow boots The said fashion UGG 3352 artists favor , darling of the fashion magazine the Higashida StylistYueYue, leather skirt with the Australia Koala Meri Meri in boots , walking the streets of Paris in winter , cool untamed , dark green sweater simple atmospheric British ladies derby hat under ajar charming smile , simple fashion items with abundance level , maroon aukoala snow boots , double tassel charm pour , pure fur boots mouth its lovely hyperchromic somewhat playful warmth I feel serious is cool . Even today, the red envelope package is bright Favorite autumn in Beijing , perhaps all the short-term it is wonderful right to lukewarm temperature , chiffon , knit , cotton ... ... clothes do not mix and match various styles of a variety of textures too sorry for the season! Orange vest and blue pants , coordinated color with belonging to the hit color but not unexpected . Outside the blouse a thin sandy lavender , not heavy . The meat orange flat shoes style very real wear any clothes , almost wild . The positive red bag is the highlight of the whole body , like decorative gold buttons above to boots.

Shoulders the hollow burrows Design joint shoulder lines flappers Emphasis inventory to wave to IN s

The shoulders hollow burrows Design Cascade shoulder lines Bright color stitching, T-shirt , loose version of the type long section of the tide . Lovely glasses cat printed map to attract a lot of attention, a lovely girl who put it super cute . Long section version of the type UGG 3352, can be placed to the bottom inside of the shorts to create unruly street tide girl breath . Directly with Leggings outfit . Round neck cut T-shirt, just the exposed collarbone modeling very sexy oh . Shoulders hollow burrow design , the joint shoulder lines super attract attention . Sexy the street girl dressed atmospheric , with shorts , leggings are OK . The flappers Emphasis inventory to tide the tide of a single product to IN package British style big skirted Retro fashion Street beat up people indispensable style ! The Xiaobian for everyone Preheat about fall and winter fashion week , take a look at what are the big packet Street beat the most photographed and to the influx to the fashionable attitude ! Crown Printed beauty products hit the color design highlights the grace and elegance of the bag more embroidery process highlights the fine quality of the bags hardware texture highlight the top celebrities in luxury luxury grade handbags.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Leather , the tidal range of children upgrade

Leather , the tidal range of children upgrade
01 cool, an attitude to life , with a handsome way to accept all the dissatisfied and unhappy life , and then , like a sponge , all are housed in the bottom , then a smile , then take it lightly . Deep black , as if there is such a cool effort , three - dimensional cut , so that the angular personality exceptionally clear , 2012 ,ugg 3352, the play is this range of children . 02 double row with locomotive wind stand-up collar , fully cater to the tastes of the influx of women who flaunt personality , tough leather into the soft lambs wool double Taobao shopping children's clothing style to mix and match the unique charm , you exude can not be ignored powerful Queen of the gas field . 03 elegant woman flavor seems inherently sheep plush and comfortable is the perfect combination , giving the feeling of a warm , amiable . Added a handsome leather material , immediately upgrade the the Yiyi overall temperament package hip Slim cropping , more graceful curve . 04 leather skirt is not only cool side, it is also fascinating and charming Oh . Design philosophy to break the routine , followed the sexy inspiration , cute little cap sleeves , more attractive , bottoming shirt ride within a long-sleeved , multi- style , any of you with . Placket zipper decoration , quite a bit of the flavor of the European and American high street design . 05 handsome short leather pants with a simple gray gown , and then with the super- type locomotive ankle boots , elongating your legs lines , the overall shape of neat , very urban beauties of modern gas field , things take a long section thick coat, Perfect ! the 06 Slim stitching Korea shoes , let your legs look more beautiful and attractive , handsome with a black , was thin and full of trendy plus velvet thick quality fabric, so this cold winter, warm and comfortable .

Tianjin University freshmen and their parents the supermarket got separated anxious squatting street

Tianjin University freshmen and their parents the supermarket got separated anxious squatting street crying
About 11 o'clock at night , on the 28th , a report from Shanxi Taiyuan to Tianjin University boys because of a lack of self-care ability , got separated in the supermarket with their parents actually happened, fashion photography , even the renting location and phone number of the parents have forgotten , time squatting on the roadside crying . Fortunately , the kindly passers-by to help the police to help him contact his family . Evening , Tianchang radiant wedding photography , Tianjin people Mr. Gao via South Dajie Nanjing Road intersection corner , wedding photo studio activities and found a young man squatting on the roadside crying . Mr. Gao and several passers-by stopped to ask , and learned that this is a report in Tianjin University freshmen . According to this student , surnamed Li said , the parents accompany him from Taiyuan to Tianjin report to help him adapt to life ,ugg 3352, the parents rented a house near the school . After dinner one person to supermarket shopping . I did not expect , large supermarkets , children 's photo studio to join , he got separated from their parents , found out when parents disappeared , and returned to the supermarket looking . However , until the supermarket closed , he could not find the parents , address and phone number of the parents increasingly tense final notice any rent forgot , and he has not had time to handle phone card in Tianjin . A helpless people wandered around for more than an hour at the roadside , Changsha photography studio ranked helplessly crying , what to prepare wedding photographs . The police remind pregnant women photo photography students remembered the phone number of the parents , by contacting their parents Hastening . Father Lee said , grew relatively coddled only begotten son , never letting his Tale .

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fashion men's bags plot

Fashion men's bags plot
Male consumers are increasingly focused on the overall mix of clothing , as clothing crowning touch of jewelry favored by men . The clean , elegant dress will add to the elegance of the men , giving a sense of trust . Who says men understand style ! Handbags, shoes , watches, key to reveal the men's taste , the emphasis is on fine quality rather than quantity . The face of the rising of clothing with men , purses not only exist as a mere tool . Types of handbags alone was so self thought leadership fashionable women whom fainted ,Mini UGG Bailey Button, briefcases , handbags , wallets , document bags, travel bags , business card holder , leather cigarette case indeed dazzling . The Men's changed the style of previous Taitailielie own handbags with some special theory : a different style , different colors , different materials , different grade has different meaning with . Handbags became a trolley case , trolley case on the market can be described as a wide variety of multi- polyester plastic . Both mature handbag , stylish elegance bags , relaxed and casual computer bag , pocket-sized stylish wallet to show consumers one thing in common , multi- pocketed , pocketed more than a major feature of this year 's M package . With the steady increase in the pressure of life , the mood of the men's desire for a relaxed life contributed the casual nature purses complex casual pocketed led to new fashion man bag . Put the phone pocketed , put pen pocketed discharge documents pocketed almost every package can identify many different sizes pockets ranging from seventy-eight , many dozens of each pocket are all shows its unique features .

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Street to IN dress shirt with a sweater

Street to IN dress shirt with a sweater
Brown shirt with a belt, shirt handsome enhance . With pink cardigan, show off a good face , and gave the shirt into a soft feeling . The shirts sweater belt can be tied , in addition to add brooches ,ugg 3352, look modern and retro at the same time can also help you to re - divide the body proportions , can wear clothing with long legs effect . Pants ride Skirt Leggings are appropriate shirt with dark stripes cardigan , casual atmosphere yet stable . A pair of high-heeled boots, a lot of tough temperament . If you pencil pants under beautiful leg lines , wear length to calf boots very handsome dark green cardigan , sparkling sequins most embellishment , it is not dull . Plain cardigan sisters can use a brooch or corsage as a the dotted white shirt with Slim small cardigan , very strong feminine . Mix beige shorts , to the whole Look increase a little playful , good effect by age design rules of a white shirt with a gray and green striped sweater , a tight pencil pants to balance the upper body bloated , showing a tall slender sense . This length shirt and cardigan , no tall good shape , it is difficult to wear clothing with the feeling sky blue boyfriend shirt with medium-and long cardigan , wear clothing with a chic flavor . The wrong button buttons with a naughty taste casual shirt clothing or seem quite see the quality of the the casual natural brown shirt , mix and match khaki knitted cardigan to bring serious color playful taste , no significant old-fashioned . Loose cardigan wearing the lower part of the body to self-cultivation with the best a sexy self-cultivation Look ! Cardigan tight money department buttons you can highlight the chest lines . If you want to wear have an affinity for , big cardigan buttons loosen , to manufacture more elegant taste

The 2011 Dress Latest worn - charming embodies charm

The 2011 Dress Latest worn - charming embodies charm
Dress is summer girls closet essential clothing , how to wear to show off the beauty of your own body , and at the same time to hide their body flaws , real waist with buckets who good-bye ! White dress, the sling show fresh and generous in the summer , to catch the eye-catching rattan bags and enjoy the warm summer vitality . Edges harness dress , sweet pink has been the great love of many MM , with and romantic flouncing modeling , showing a small woman's charming atmosphere , good manufacturing waist telescopic design a dress layering , to avoid the snow spinning too light feeling bloated . Delicate skirt of pleated maximum extension of the curvature of the body of the skirt , make you glow with romantic charm gestures . The blue gauze romantic suspenders Leggings black halter top , the show is both romantic and feminine . Lady full range of children 's Dress , headscarf with small steps and white shoes , it is set off the feeling of summer sun . The long section bohemian Dress , very suitable for beach and picnic modeling , the pictures are beautiful , oh ! Absolute summer color enough popular style Dress in relatively formal style . Office worker OL who may wish to take . Long section of simple white sling dress , with a small , beautiful , generous and elegant . The dress has always been to give people the feeling of a very elegant lady . The bright yellow it is against the background of the summer the Dress everywhere flounced so overall quite sweet and full range of children . Charming flower pattern cute , like the romantic girls should shall reap a style .

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lou Yi Xiao cheered the high-end snow boots brand Shepherd's Life media meeting

On the morning of September 5, 2012, the British high-end snow boots brand Shepherd's Life the E4 Pavilion at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre organized enough warm heart warmer - Shepherd's Life brand media will meet. The event invited many well-known fashion magazines, websites, television and other media to attend. In addition, the hit series "Love Apartments actress Lou Yi Xiao also came to the scene to help out, try the Shepherd's Life products to try and media sharing experience.
Shepherd's Life brand in 1966, was born in the UK, it will be elements of the British royal family, with Australia sheepskin quality perfect combination of brand design center in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, as a foothold, the fusion of pop and fashion elements, the most classic snow boots adhere value also can be very hot in the chill autumn and winter embellishment stunning and noble, stylish and agile.
Media for high-quality products on display in Shepherd's Life showed a strong interest in, and understand the brand background and ask the details of the related products. The Shepherd's Life Australia the full imports of Shealing of one fabric, the heel of Italy imported hot-melt tablets, smooth, exquisite workmanship uppers these details deeply attracted media attention. The face of the domestic many fashion media, of Shanghai Macao shadow leather, general manager of Miss Wang Wei to warm introduction Shepherd's Life company and product background, so these domestic first-line fashion media see Shepherd's Life of the British brand. background have a better understanding.
Princess from the marriage of Prince William Shepherd's Life snow boots, numerous international film star, supermodel, socialite constantly sought after active in the fashion brand to become their choice in the winter. Attending the activities of "Love Apartments actress Lou Yi Xiao also to scene dressed Shepherd's Life snow boots full of praise for the British fashion brand that it not only has a good comfort, but also has the stylish appearance of the moving beauty girl winter fashion equipment worth having.
The winter of 2012, I believe you will be able to equally beautiful light snow winter attitude out of fashion and dynamic pace to become the focus of this winter, because of the emergence of Shepherd's Life fashion wizard.
Enough warm, warmer heart.