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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Men's T-shirt with a more attractive

Men's T-shirt with a more attractive
Like jeans, T-shirts, men's wardrobe essential. But like many fashion article describes some T-shirt represents the timeless styling of the classic, and some are just short-season epidemic. Anyway, T-shirts and other products, with basically can be applied to any fashion occasion. Then these style slightly different types of T-shirts should be how to choose it? Below us one by one to tell you ... abstract pattern T-shirt T-shirt abstract patterns appear to make up the history of the T-shirt on a blank. This is now the southern tip of Africa, all the way popular to Europe's northernmost you with basically all dressed. Is a great contribution to the history of the T-shirt. Now more numerous T-shirt together many artists of the avant-garde art and into fashion them. Today, abstract pattern T-shirt, has become every fashion people must will choose a single product. You can match: exaggerated abstract T-shirt and gray denim or corduroy, khaki pants. Sports T-shirt with a slightly exaggerated, it is completely free casual summer evening activities loaded! love the support of the team! which a support is from your carefully chosen sport style T-shirt. The return of the movement have, so that the movement of equipment has gone deep into the various fields of fashion, you select Y-3 T-shirt or pulls out of the antique the team polo TEE with obvious movement style is definitely your closer relationship between colleagues, and even to express their position, to curry favor with the leadership of clever. You can match: skinny jeans and canvas version. poloT shirt once, poloT-shirt has been a golfer and dedicated athletes choose. After this, with the success of the RalphLauren and Lacoste brand, everything changed. People are increasingly aware of this style with classic and universal shape. Free basically everyone already has - or should have - the a poloT shirt. Whether you are what build, what style, polo is your good choice. Summer, you can choose bright stripes or squares, or even plain polo dress themselves. This the slightly playful sense of styling basically can be said without flaws, the 100 should hundred test. But pay attention to the systemic texture difference, whether shiny styling, matt England style, you must avoid through the body under a texture. Level with winning know-how is the fashion. You can mix: white pants or a small number of simple jewelry. Navy style T-shirt from the British European plate, to the American continent, the United States, nauticalT shirt success, in addition inseparable from its high functionality, there is this simple navy style design. Not only nautical JeanPaulGaultier, paulsmith, RalphLauren major brands have all launched Navy style T-shirt. Perhaps some of the fullness of the gentlemen worry about these horizontal stripes, your body will affect the visual, in fact, did not have to worry about. Who could resist horizontal stripes charm? Long as you wear confidence, style, I believe that the effect of this little figure, nothing to worry about. Tips: Obviously, this type of light-colored or black and white, or blue and white horizontal stripes Navy style T-shirt, wearing only suitable in the summer, so if you want to show your Navy feelings in the winter first not considered ... you can match: deep V-neck T-shirt In view of these T-shirts are usually white, so without wheels with white sports jacket or cotton shorts, denim texture, is a good decision! when v-collar increasingly out of fashion circles, you can use a deep v T-shirts to make their own memory of what once swept the fashion. , Deep v-collar contrarian popularity, more current fashionable young people who can not do without a choice! It is not only the better to show your masculine, more importantly, will show and T-shirt completely different natural trend of leisure concept. You need to pay attention to the deep v's depth is the need to draw the line good, but how to match is also very important. After all, you always want to be someone else say that is obscene or exhibitionism, right? With: leisure suit can make you look more spiritual; while with jeans,Mini UGG Bailey Button, casual style is a natural; You can even use it wear sweaters inside, so with a heavy autumn style. Henry T-shirt for The collar, chest cardigan Henry T-shirt simply miss on past times. For those parents or grandparents had spent the day of a reminiscence. Do not know since when, these elements have been eleven fashion designers break. Henry T-shirt is no longer the only match clothes to wear the shirt below. Henry T-shirt, high-profile piercing you will be the best proof you fashionistas identity. Even if you can wear clothing with a beautiful fit antique Henry T-shirt, obviously, that is the highest state of retro fashion you can match: denim or cotton pants in the cold season, you can also sets out to wear a shirt. Although Henry T-shirt from the UK, but it appears to create a this Veronika paragraph style, your favorite what? Take the T-shirts do you fashion material you may often wear T-shirts but can not remember serious research look at them. But our fundamental introduction of the T-shirt, but it can make you different from the first to understand T-shirt to bring you a different taste. Just imagine a white T-shirt can to sign JamesDean and SteveMcQueen style you about can guess T-shirt in the fashion circle. You only need given the cheap price, high-end comfort and complete freedom of design functionality and style of the T-shirt to dress up your wardrobe, a make you save money and stylish super shortcut Oh! is the complete understanding of all of your T-shirt.

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