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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Street to IN dress shirt with a sweater

Street to IN dress shirt with a sweater
Brown shirt with a belt, shirt handsome enhance . With pink cardigan, show off a good face , and gave the shirt into a soft feeling . The shirts sweater belt can be tied , in addition to add brooches ,ugg 3352, look modern and retro at the same time can also help you to re - divide the body proportions , can wear clothing with long legs effect . Pants ride Skirt Leggings are appropriate shirt with dark stripes cardigan , casual atmosphere yet stable . A pair of high-heeled boots, a lot of tough temperament . If you pencil pants under beautiful leg lines , wear length to calf boots very handsome dark green cardigan , sparkling sequins most embellishment , it is not dull . Plain cardigan sisters can use a brooch or corsage as a the dotted white shirt with Slim small cardigan , very strong feminine . Mix beige shorts , to the whole Look increase a little playful , good effect by age design rules of a white shirt with a gray and green striped sweater , a tight pencil pants to balance the upper body bloated , showing a tall slender sense . This length shirt and cardigan , no tall good shape , it is difficult to wear clothing with the feeling sky blue boyfriend shirt with medium-and long cardigan , wear clothing with a chic flavor . The wrong button buttons with a naughty taste casual shirt clothing or seem quite see the quality of the the casual natural brown shirt , mix and match khaki knitted cardigan to bring serious color playful taste , no significant old-fashioned . Loose cardigan wearing the lower part of the body to self-cultivation with the best a sexy self-cultivation Look ! Cardigan tight money department buttons you can highlight the chest lines . If you want to wear have an affinity for , big cardigan buttons loosen , to manufacture more elegant taste

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