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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lou Yi Xiao cheered the high-end snow boots brand Shepherd's Life media meeting

On the morning of September 5, 2012, the British high-end snow boots brand Shepherd's Life the E4 Pavilion at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre organized enough warm heart warmer - Shepherd's Life brand media will meet. The event invited many well-known fashion magazines, websites, television and other media to attend. In addition, the hit series "Love Apartments actress Lou Yi Xiao also came to the scene to help out, try the Shepherd's Life products to try and media sharing experience.
Shepherd's Life brand in 1966, was born in the UK, it will be elements of the British royal family, with Australia sheepskin quality perfect combination of brand design center in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, as a foothold, the fusion of pop and fashion elements, the most classic snow boots adhere value also can be very hot in the chill autumn and winter embellishment stunning and noble, stylish and agile.
Media for high-quality products on display in Shepherd's Life showed a strong interest in, and understand the brand background and ask the details of the related products. The Shepherd's Life Australia the full imports of Shealing of one fabric, the heel of Italy imported hot-melt tablets, smooth, exquisite workmanship uppers these details deeply attracted media attention. The face of the domestic many fashion media, of Shanghai Macao shadow leather, general manager of Miss Wang Wei to warm introduction Shepherd's Life company and product background, so these domestic first-line fashion media see Shepherd's Life of the British brand. background have a better understanding.
Princess from the marriage of Prince William Shepherd's Life snow boots, numerous international film star, supermodel, socialite constantly sought after active in the fashion brand to become their choice in the winter. Attending the activities of "Love Apartments actress Lou Yi Xiao also to scene dressed Shepherd's Life snow boots full of praise for the British fashion brand that it not only has a good comfort, but also has the stylish appearance of the moving beauty girl winter fashion equipment worth having.
The winter of 2012, I believe you will be able to equally beautiful light snow winter attitude out of fashion and dynamic pace to become the focus of this winter, because of the emergence of Shepherd's Life fashion wizard.
Enough warm, warmer heart.

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