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Monday, October 29, 2012

The rich antique Parisian under aukoala snow boots even the red envelope package is bright

Rich antique Parisian under aukoala snow boots The said fashion UGG 3352 artists favor , darling of the fashion magazine the Higashida StylistYueYue, leather skirt with the Australia Koala Meri Meri in boots , walking the streets of Paris in winter , cool untamed , dark green sweater simple atmospheric British ladies derby hat under ajar charming smile , simple fashion items with abundance level , maroon aukoala snow boots , double tassel charm pour , pure fur boots mouth its lovely hyperchromic somewhat playful warmth I feel serious is cool . Even today, the red envelope package is bright Favorite autumn in Beijing , perhaps all the short-term it is wonderful right to lukewarm temperature , chiffon , knit , cotton ... ... clothes do not mix and match various styles of a variety of textures too sorry for the season! Orange vest and blue pants , coordinated color with belonging to the hit color but not unexpected . Outside the blouse a thin sandy lavender , not heavy . The meat orange flat shoes style very real wear any clothes , almost wild . The positive red bag is the highlight of the whole body , like decorative gold buttons above to boots.

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